My crazy PhD

Do not worry if you are an imposter in your research group

Surprisingly, when starting my research I was all excited about it, but soon all the joy turned into despair about a series of events: what am I doing here in UK, why did I come here, how do I do this or that.
Well a whole drama about what life is all about – and believe me – these things do pop in and out of your mind some point in time during the long ever ending PhD time.

Followed closely is a list of doubts about supervisors – what are their roles, how do they treat you (nicely or not), how not do ass kissing or brown nosing or even waoh they do not care these people. You would think that after so many years, they would know your name or something about you, but to your disappointment its a big NO.

But most important among this list of things was hmmm …. “what am I doing among all these knowledgeable people??”. A question that actually does come to the mind daily more often than you could think of. And this particular issue is quite high ranking on the demotivating index.

I have been in this ‘local minima’ for around 2 years now but finally did realise the where I was standing and decided to prove myself.

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