My crazy PhD

My one wild and precious life

Some months back, I had a mind-blowing experience when I went for a three day residential GradSchool at Henley. With a picturesque landscape and charming interiors, it was just the place where one would wish to be. On top of that, all students were in the trustful hands of distinguished, expert doctors who have had fulfilling careers.
During those three days, there was a natural flow of energy and wisdom in the atmosphere and I could feel myself being uplifted to another level where desired qualities like leadership and success were common assets.
During those three wonderful days, I felt quite proud of myself, thriving in such an enhancing environment.
Though termed as GradSchool, it was more of a lifetime school. I was able to find myself and understand myself better, set myself on the path that I had wished for and on which I will be happiest.
GradSchool has inspired me a lot in 6 days time, I will be again back to Henley to attend a coaching session. Nothing best than being among the best.

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