My crazy PhD

PhD confuse you about life

About more than a year back I had found myself in a situation of total darkness, confusion and pains.
It was the point of life where you think where you are doing and what’s your purpose in this world.
12 months later, I was able to start having a grasp of myself and think of what was once called my PhD.
For quite a while now, it was only something ‘on paper’ and I do not feel proud about it.
To my good luck, with a bunch of true friends and their support, I have been able to pick myself up and start – ya start – the PhD
once and for all.
But I still happen to think sometimes what am doing here, having left my family back. The good thing is that now I can remember why I am here, its because I have a vision, a dream which will soon be fulfilled. Its just a matter of months now.

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