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Taking an action-oriented approach to recruitment – Steps 1 & 2 ONLY – My ARLT SIG presentation 9th March 2022

This post is solely for the purpose of an activity I am running on 9th March for ARLTSIG.

Ice-breaker prompts:

  • Is your team/dept recruiting at the moment? Or did you recruit recently?
  • How many vacancies are/were available?
  • Or do you plan to recruit in the near future?

Watch out for the language you use on your job adverts.

Step 1- Identify your position and your influence

  • Do you have some degree of influencing your team e.g. are you a line manager, do you sit on management committees/panels, including as observers?
  • Are you in a position where you can be heard? E.g. during team meetings, sit on panels, committees, member of staff networks, member of union, etc?
  • What can you do if you find yourself in none of those positions?

Step 2 – Familiarise yourself with your departmental and institutional EDI agenda

  • What is your diversity target?

Does the 33% of gender representation in UK boards also include the 14% of non-white, 2.7% of LGBTQ+ and 18% of disabled workforce? What does your board look like?

Do not fall into the pitfall of a wildcard scenario in your team.

  • Do you know your E&D team? How many members are part of the group? Is it a team or only one individual?

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