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A day at the Global Rainbow Foundation, a charity for people with disabilities in the Indian Ocean

I am crowdfunding for GRF on JustGiving. In your donation, you are encouraged to write a note to the benefactor who will be a student with a disability. A few words of encouragement from you will mean a lot to those individuals. If you are contributing anonymously, please include your initials at the end of your note. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/teeroumanee-nadan  

Today, on the eve of the National Day for Mauritius, I had the pleasure of spending a whole day at the Global Rainbow Foundation in the company of Mr Armoogum Parsuramen GOSK, and the GRF staff, an organisation which I wish I had visited earlier.

Mr Armoogum Parsuramen (GOSK) is like no other senior citizen of his age. As an ex-member of the parliamentary, and ex-Minister of Education, he spends his day engaging in activities in his various roles of:

⚡Founder-President of GRW
⚡Founder-President of the University of the 3rd Age (Mauritius)
⚡President of the International Thirukkural Foundation
⚡President of the Senior Citizen Solidarity Foundation (Mauritius)
⚡Representative for Africa on the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

I was invited for a site visit and ending up spending a day with Mr Parsuramen from 9-4. It had definitely been a marathon, which included opportunities to engage and observe:
🌇 site visit
✨A KPMG Mauritius talk where Mr Parsuramen was the guest speaker
🎥 A GFR web TV interview with Vijay Naraidoo, the President of the Commission for the Rights of Older Persons of DIS-MOI, on the topic of “Ageism and rights of senior citizens ~ interviewed by Vinay Ramkhalawon
🍔 We did have a quick lunch, a lacaz mama lunch
💡 A research meeting with the Mauritius Research Council, where I was an observer
✨I got the opportunity to read through reports and proposals and chat with a parent about the challenges of education for less-abled kids in Mauritius. One of the projects discussed was a university student’s project to help the visually impaired.

Whilst my day GRF day ended at 4,  Mr Parsuramen headed to an interview with ION NEWS

Definitely, a day that I would like to repeat because Education is for All.

Today, my hope in humanity, for a better and more inclusive world, where education is available equitably to all, has been renewed.

  • Global Rainbow Foundation entrance
  • Mr Armoogum Parsuramen in a meeting with KPMG
  • Interview with Mr Vijay Naraidoo, he President of the Commission for the Rights of Older Persons of DIS-MOI
  • Footcare clinic
  • Me and Mr Parsuramen
  • Walking support for physical therapy
  • Prostheses manufacturing unit
  • GRF I Rise magazine
  • Walking rehabilitation space
  • Mobility rehabilitation equipment
  • Different types of prostheses

Although the day ended, I have engaged myself to provide feedback on the student’s project to help the visually impaired and to seek funds to continue this fantastic work. With the high rate of diabetes in Mauritius, amputations from Diabetes Mellitus (DM) foot, and the need for prostheses are quite high. However, GRF also plays a big role in providing prostheses within the Indian Ocean. Read more about other support that GRF has in place:

Jaipur Foot

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