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Antiracism & Inclusion Virtual Coffee Ideas Room

Welcome to my new initiative – ideas room with a coffee in your hand!

Virtual Coffee Ideas Room – image with a laptop, phone, diary, coffee and chocolate

For the past few years, I have found myself restrained by institutional policies which limit a free and safe space for People of Colour to speak of antiracism and inclusivity. In 2022, I have started to work on a few projects, mostly initiated in solo, or with a few collaborators.

I have noticed that over the years the toxic working environment in academia has resulted in good ideas being lost, and the pandemic has just made it worst. I have created the Antiracism & Inclusion Virtual Coffee Ideas Room as an action-learning initiative created that will support idea-to-action projects.

Specifics of the Virtual Coffee Ideas Room

  • Strictly on an invite-only basis
  • Strictly for people of colour only who regularly discuss/work on antiracism
  • 25 or 50 minutes and no longer
  • Your favourite non-alcoholic drink/cookie – without a cookie or on the bed, no worries.
  • Collaboration is a must (in the long run)

Why discuss antiracism and inclusion ideas over a hot drink and cookie? 

  • To have a safe space to discuss antiracist and inclusive ideas
  • To gain momentum and support to convert the ideas into tangible projects
  • To gain input and feedback on projects
  • To get collaborators
  • To seek a mentor or mentor someone if necessary
  • If you have ideas but do not feel you can lead the project, you can get someone to lead the project
  • If you need someone to be your voice, rest assured your voice will be heard
  • Feel empowered to do projects that matter to you personally

Participating in the virtual coffee ideas room

Participation is diverse too:

  • You may already have 1 or 2 cookies ready to be eaten, and will ask for more cookies from others in the future.
  • You have no cookie right now, will be happy if others share their cookies for some time.
  • You are hungry, thirsty, and just waiting to have food for thought together with everyone.
  • Coffee or cookie or anything else, you are just hungry and thirsty, you are a human after all.

One underlying reflection for the ideas room is:

What drives you to take time to have tea/coffee with other people of colour and discuss antiracism and inclusion project ideas?

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