SCMALT portfolio

I have been working on technologies for pedagogical purposes since 2007, but was not familiar with the works of ALT then. I had felt that my PhD was a marker for my knowledge and capabilities. Post my PhD, as I did further research in accessibility, I felt the need to connect and engage with the ALT community at a deeper level.  I had postponed my application the last few years due to constant travelling , but 2020 has been the right time to put together my portfolio for the SCMALT accreditation.

The SCMALT portfolio submission is a series of CPD and reflection that I am undertaking to improve my work practices and to equally to progress in my career and to lead institutional projects in the future.

This portfolio is with limited access, please click here to access my SCMALT portfolio. Part of the portfolio with non-sensitive information will be made public after a successful assessment.