Why Digital ?

The non-digital natives might still be scratching their heads, playing catch up with all the existing technologies and the pace at which new ones are spreading. Whilst the digital natives might be wondering what the fuss is about, with all these educators promoting what students already know.

So why do we need to focus on Digital Education after all?

Perhaps the most known and well documented first piece of technology is the water pump. But the evolution of the oldest known primate-like species into Homo sapiens, has been marked by numerous life-changing technological progress.  The world wars, in particularly the second one, led to a boom of new technologies, so much so that cannot quite keep track of them anymore.

Us, Homo sapiens, are quite an intriguing species, we are so much bound to curiosity that we are now witnessing an unprecedental technological progress.

And we all know that progress without being monitored is regress.

Although it not possible or not even necessary to stop this explosion of new technologies, we must however curtail their usage, bearing in mind that we are only doing so to protect the core and social values of the society.

I am not at all against gifting an iPad to a 3-year-old, I’ve seen kids programming like geeks. In fact, I am an advocate of an efficient use of technologies to make our students responsible citizens, resourceful employees, efficient managers, well, to sum up, be more efficiently equipped and have knowledge of the right tools to use.

With Digital Education, educators are able to convey across theoretical or practical concepts in a much more efficient way.

This is an excerpt of an article I am writing, will post the full article after publication.