This is what I call Okage Sama De, I am good because of the support of others around me. Here are some of the testimonials from past and current mentees/coachees.

International staff mentoring program

International student mentoring program

International staff mentoring program

Dr Anushka Wickramasuriya: I was an Int’l Student in the UK (originally from Sri Lanka), presently working as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. ~ Mentoring period 2011 and ongoing.

An amazing mentor

I have known Dr Teeroumanee Nadan since 2011 while I was still a PhD student and have since then mentored me. Teeroumanee was working on internationalisation projects and had in-depth understanding of challenges of international students; she provided me a supportive, caring and safe environment when I was in Reading, UK.

When I moved back to my home country Sri Lanka, Teeroumanee was supportive while I secured a job as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Colombo. Throughout my professional journey, she guided and mentored me to grow both professionally and personally by giving constructive feedback on academic matters, for instance public speeches, events organisation and drafting grant proposals. She was also crucial in undertaking peer evaluation of my SEDA portfolio in 2019. As a result of her mentoring and coaching, I now feel more confident in my current role and in undertaking public speeches and committee roles.

Masters International student mentoring program

Mr Ravishankar Kumaresan: I was an Int’l Student in the UK (originally from India), now residing in Adelaide Australia, I am the currently the Supplier and Vendor Quality Assurance Manager for George Weston Foods, ANZ. ~ Academic mentoring period 2008-2010, self-development mentoring ongoing.

I got a life-long mentoring opportunity

Dr. Teeroumanee Nadan was my international student mentor who supported and coached me in the areas of Academic writing, analytical and statistical processes which helped me in successfully completing my Masters research dissertation with Mondelez plc (Cadbury U.K).

Dr. Teeroumanee also guided me in CV building and creating LinkedIn profile for effective job search after the successful completion of my Masters program at the University of Reading, U.K.

During my Masters program Dr Teeroumanee Nadan always encouraged me to look for avenues outside the university curriculum to upgrade my personal skills to be a successful professional. I am still in touch with my mentor for self-development purposes.

Miss Thanaluchmee Essoo: I am from Mauritius and studying for a diploma in Digital Marketing, I am also an apprentice in the Business Empire Program, in addition to being the Secretary of the youth wing of the Light of Hope, a humanitarian charity for marginalised and vulnerable children. I am also a freelancer running a business offering consultancy, logo design, advertisement for businesses and other marketing related services. ~ Self-development mentoring from Jan 2023, ongoing.

Being mentored made positive changes to my life.

This is the first time I have been mentored and I feel really grateful for the impact it is having on me. The mentoring has been really helping me in improving my lifestyles, my behaviour and also my way of thinking in order to thrive in my career. Dr Teeroumanee Nadan spent her time in suggesting changes in my life by providing me with information on how to progress with my goals and how to be fully confident in myself.

I developed many skills such as building online portfolio (and CV writing and LinkedIn), defining my short- and long-term goals, SWOT analysis, WordPress, Advanced Excel skills (for my business) and time management, organisation and problem-solving skills.

The mentoring session really propelled me in my tasks in time and achieving my goals. I am able to complete my courses using time management, and I was also able to go for several interviews where there were positive outcomes. My mentor also encouraged me in my freelancing business, helping me in setting up my business and on securing clients and guiding me to courses and materials that will help me. My mentor is now helping me maintain the good habits.

I am developing and building new professional skills and Dr Nadan provides me visibility and sponsors me for self-development courses and other opportunities that arise. Thank you Dr Teeroumanee Nadan for helping me throughout my journey.