Free Mentoring & Coaching for Students & Staff in the Int’l Ed Sector

There is nothing better than to have the capacity and capability of setting up support that I wish was available to me.

Coming from a poor family, I am the last of the family and the first to have completed secondary schooling, and risen up to securing a doctorate. There was a huge gap in guidance during my schooling and early career. I set off to change this for vulnerable students who wish to pursue higher education. I started off by offering mentoring and coaching to students coming from or based outside Europe and later on started mentoring and coaching staff as well, including Senior staff and Heads of Department.

I started my mentor journey in 2007, since then many students have gone on to even do their PhDs abroad and later work, and many staff have moved on to new heights in their careers. The mentoring/coaching is entirely free of cost and in return, mentees/coachees are expected to dedicate their time and effort and show commitment. Check out the testimonials from past/current mentees/coachees.

My mentees/coachees are usually internationally based and aspire to be changemakers on any of the 17 UN SDGs.

Here is what being mentored/coached by me includes:

  • 1-hour formal meeting per month for a duration of 6 months, with up to 3 hours of follow-up each month helping you to achieve your goals for the month.
  • You will have a formal contract and log for you to keep track of your learning points, goals, and growth.
  • You will be under my wings; I will be your Sponsor, mentioning your name at every opportunity of growth for you.
  • You will gain visibility on my blog space and have the opportunity to showcase your own goals and ambitions and your work.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your mentoring skills and pay forward
  • *Bonus*
    • Depending on your commitment, you will get the opportunity to access development courses that I have spent several thousand on already, all for free.
    • Long-term mentoring/coaching

Requests & Testimonials for mentoring/coaching

Request mentoring (for students & staff)

I receive several requests for mentoring, once you have put in your request for mentoring, you will have a 1-hour initial meeting, where I will determine whether I am the right mentor for you and whether you are coachable.

Submit a testimonial (mentees only)

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