Roadmap for institutional antiracism

This section is still under construction.

I have included a short preview below.

In this section, I am putting together some basics around racism and how to design and build spaces and solutions to institutional racism.

I am currently Co-chair of the Anti-Racism Special Interest Group under the Association of ALT and previously have been involved in setting up anti-racist processes in recruitment. Over the months that I have been involved in antiracist intiatives, I have observed that people are not necessarily aware of what institutional racism looks like and how to bring a structured solution to the problem.

This page has an easy-to-navigate roadmap for anyone wishing to design and build anti-racists spaces within their institution. 

Roadmap sections:

  • Committment
  • The argument for equity rather than diversity
  • Getting started with institutional anti-racism
  • Glossary with examples