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My Aurora Experience 2019-2020 & Beyond

Although I only undertook the Aurora Women's Leadership Development Programme in 2019, I had it on my mind since it was first introduced 2013. I was based at the University of Reading then, and was coming out of a full-time contract into a visitor role. Despite being the founder of the Women in Academia network… Continue reading My Aurora Experience 2019-2020 & Beyond

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Becoming an Advance HE fellowship mentor and reviewer

I recently completed a series of training sessions to become a mentor and assessor. This was part of my CPD plan set in my SFHEA application (read my reflections on my SFHEA application). Following the training, I have now been granted full access to the applications and also get to learn from long-time assessors. Here… Continue reading Becoming an Advance HE fellowship mentor and reviewer

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Reflections from my SFHEA fellowship

Today, I finally got my AdvanceHE Senior Fellow certificate in my inbox. It has been a rather long wait, as I had my application in mind since 2017, yes, I have been three years overdue on putting in my application. However, I felt it was for the better, as the additional years of experience secured… Continue reading Reflections from my SFHEA fellowship