Your committment

While aiming to design and build an institutional antiracism space, there are two commitments that you need to make.

First: commit to self-awareness

  • Aware of it or not, we are all designers of equity, and fairness in our lives.  We engage in this mindset whether in the lunchroom, hallways, classroom, or boardroom.  This know this is hard work, so by using journals and thinking about hypothetical situations, we will help you respond to systemic bias in your own organizations, institutions and schools.

Second: commit to mindful racial literacy rather than anti-racist memorisation

  • Many universities, high schools, non-profit institutions and graduate schools have put together “anti-racist terms or glossaries.” It’s important to know this language, but you have to practice using it to make connections with the systemic racism in everyday life. Here’s a couple of lexicons/glossaries as examples: